Отчет за неделю с 10,02 по 17.02

На этой неделе выплатами радовали UnitedKingdomSurf, 14DailyProfit
AttractiveAds всю неделю «лежал» из-за DDoS атак «доброжелателей». От админа Ларри не только требовали заплатить денег за прекращение атак на сервер, так еще и вынудили искать новый хостинг с сильной защитой против таких атак, чтобы в будущем избежать недельных простоев сайта.
Поскольку нормальный хостинг с хорошей защитой — предприятие довольно затратное(около 1000$ в месяц), появилась идея ввести дополнительную комиссию с пользователей в районе 3—5$ на оплату такого хоста. Пока ничего окончательно не решено.
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Hello everyone,

The hosting provider just confirmed me that the problem with AA site now is a DDoS attack from the same guy who also attack Ubaid's site http://www.invest-n-surf.com. For your information, 2 days ago I got an email from this guy and he asked for money and if I didn't pay him then he would attack AA site. Ubaid also got the same email before his site was attacked.

Every missed earnings for surf plan will be credited later, I will send an update about this when the site is up. For the time being, I still be active on forums. Below is the latest update from the hosting provider.

Hi Larry,

It seems now that although the network maintenance finished some hours ago, problems are continuing for a different reason. The problem now is a DDOS attack. Since you had a warning from someone this would happen if you didn't pay him, it seems likely of course that this is coming from him. As I said to you recently, we are equipped to handle most DDOS attacks, with the firewall and brute force defences we have in place. This was working up to a point — that is why some people could still successfully load the site sometimes. However, the scale of this attack is very large — more than a software firewall defence system can deal with. Also, the DDOS attacks on your site were bringing down all other sites on the server, so we have had to temporarily move you to a separate IP address to deflect the attack from others on the server. For the time being your site will be completely down and you may have to wait for the attack to end. We are however, still looking for altern
ative options for you — we can not promise anything yet, but will let you know we find.

Thanks for understanding that this situation is an extremely difficult one and while we are working for a solution, we can't give you any concrete promises for a solution yet.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Hello everyone,

After 2 days of DDOS attack, finally our site is back up. When this attack came to our site, there was no way to access the admin panel and the website control panel, so that's why I could not send any updates instead of posting on forums. I would like to say thank you to all of you who have supported on forums, I'm glad that we are a very co-operative team. If you are not an active member on forums, please check my post #1437 about this DDOS attack here :

1) No need to send support ticket regarding any missed earnings from Feb 11 until Feb 13. I will add them from admin panel and today I have added missed earnings for Feb 11, you can check it from 'Earning History' link in member home. All missed earnings for Feb 12 will be added on Feb 14 and all missed earnings for Feb 13 will be added on Feb 15. It is 2 days backward for adding missed earnings from admin panel automatically.

2) I will add every missed upgrades for Feb 11 starting on Feb 14, so make sure you check your account. Just contact me for any problem regarding this later.

3) Payouts will start again on Feb 14. If you have been paid, please show your support on monitors and forums. There might be few days delay for payout because of this attack, but as long as we are a co-operative and supportive team, no one can stop us to grow :) For complete explanation how the payment works, you can check this post #858 :

4) Since there was 2 days of downtime for our site and I still need time to process all payouts, so cashout button will be enabled on Friday Feb 22nd, 2007 and each week afterwards as usual. Don't worry about this, things will be back as usual soon.

5) We can take this moment from the positive side as a good momentum to make our program grow bigger.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Larry H ~ Our Goal is to be the Leader[/FONT]
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Hello everyone…

You know that waiting is not the best option for our program. So I would like to pass this good idea taken from a member's post in ASA forum for our topic. The main idea is monthly fee to use to pay good host with anti-DDOS attack feature.

I would ask you members to pay $3-$5 monthly fee (this is a very cheap fee) to cover the cost of good hosting with anti-DDOS feature. And I need comments from members regarding this, any positive suggestions will be appreciated, please post it here.

Meanwhile, my host is still trying to set the site up (hopefully soon)[/FONT]
SurfProfitPro отпраздновал 2 недели со дня рождения и продолжает расти.
На недели появились слухи о возможном изменении условий проекта; планировалось сделать достук к выводу на 7 и 14 день работы апгрейда. Таким образом можно было увеличить частоту появления голосов на мониторингах о выплатах и, следовательно, повысить инвестиционную привлекательность.
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]In my interest to see payment posts everyday, and to further increase the interest in joining our program, a member suggested that I do payments every 7th and 14th day of your ad pack purchase. For example, you upgraded on the 1st, you can request your rebates on the 8th and 15th, the withdrawal button will be open for you on those days only. The upside of this is we will see more paid posts everyday and not just Mondays and Tuesdays, the downside would be I have to pay everyday (which is not a big deal because Gotenks can do it if I'm not available). 24-hour payment still is in effect of course. Anyway, let me hear what you think about this. Meanwhile, I will talk to Gotenks and see if the script is actually easy to modify.

Однако идея понравилась далеко не всем и в итоге все осталось как прежде — заказ выплаты в субботу и воскресенье, выплата в понедельник.

14DaysHitsSurf как всегда прекрасен и точен. Выплат по апам на этой неделе у меня не было, но заказанные рефские на следующее утро обязательно лежат в кошельке :).

Новая инициатива админа — создание Альянса, что-то вроде совета инвесторов с возможностью доступа к большей информации по проекту и участие в принятии решений по его работе.
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Join the powerful 14DHS Alliance Team and be a part of the future development.

To join and be a part of the future 14DHS Alliance Team (A-Team) you commit to create visible result by actively support the program in forums, promote your referral link and use your contacts to get more interest around us.

In return you will get direct access to the admin and group. You will be involved in future initiatives, promotion, strategy, planning and be a part of the decision takers. Also you will be awarded for great performance of activity and there will be hold monthly contest among the A-Team.
The A-Team will have there own blog with instant chat to all other A-Team’s where discussions and plans can go on.

The goal is easy. We are many who want this project to be the best ever, and by planning and strategy in good time we assure this to happen.

Send your application and tell me why you are the right choice for this team.

Best regards
Чем это «грозит» для вкладчиков — неясно. «Заглянуть за кулисы» хочется всем, но не дают. Все в ожидании дальнейших новостей.

GlobalSurfUnited порадовал возвращение обещаного рефанда. Вильям затеял новый проект на той же платформе, но я пока пас.

ExclusiveAds до сих пор работает в холостую. :(Амин так и не объявился и видимо уже не появится. Проект можно списывать со счетов. Статистика сайта показывает разницу между вложенным/выплаченным чуть больше 1000$ (были вклады даже после того как админ не появился и первые выплаты повисли в ожидании), учитывая что он 3 недели работал по схеме 5дней х 25%, скорее всего, в убыток себе, получается что в кармане у админа осела не такая уж крупная сумма.
Если по честному, поработай проект еще недели 2—3, «уйти» можно было с куда большей суммой. К счастью для нас, вкладчиков, все закончилось гораздо раньше.

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